Friday, October 4, 2013

How to avoid harmful effect of mobile phone by 6 ways

One day my friend Masud informed me over phone that his father was in hospital. O positive blood is required urgently for his (father) operation.  I went there immediately to donate blood. Still now his father leads a sound life. Thanks to mobile phone.

During my MBA third semester I was suffering from some ailment. I was unable to attend the classes. One day one of my friends called over phone that the next day would be the last day of deposit semester fee. I rushed to the university to deposit fee. Thanks to mobile phone again.

image of mobile phone harmful effect on baby
Babies are the worst victim of harmful effects of cell phone.

Every day we all must be grateful to mobile phone as it saves our money, and most precious time. This useful devise has some hazards for not only human being but also the environment. Let’s find out what those are and their remedies.

# 1. Decrease man’s fertility

Researchers say high frequency magnetic radiation emits from mobile phone. There may have a connection to this frequency with brain cancer. Other tissues of human body also may fall in damage. Children are more vulnerable for this. Most appalling matter is that men’s productivity might have been affected. 

Reduce the risk: Try to use land phone more as possible as you can as well as try messaging rather make a call. Don’t let children use cell phone usually.

# 2. Decrease eye sight

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 wonderful benefits of coconut.

In this subcontinent coconut is like a family member of almost every family. That’s why we see world -famous Bollywood heroines are regularly urge us to buy their brand’s coconut oil in Advertisement. Breaking coconut Indian people start their every holy occasion.  By using coconut people of India, Sri-lanka ,Thailand, and Bangladesh prepares verities items of food.

Coconut is not only use as a food item but also use as a cosmetic item. That is coconut oil. Almost every woman of this part of the world use coconut oil as hair oil. Though in some area coconut oil use as edible oil. Scientifically green coconut is very useful filled with  vitamins and minerals.

image of coconut
Coconut : A wonderful herb.

Even in Bangladesh we have an excellent island named as per coconut. That is “Narikel Jinjira”. “Narikel ” is the local name of coconut in Bangladesh.

Coconut has long been used as a traditional medicine for any kind of ailment. Its health benefits are as follows:

#1 Immune System Booster

Coconut oil is good for our immune system. Coconut water is a potential nutritional source that can boost energy and endurance, raise physical as well as athletic performance.

#2 promotes the digestive system

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to gain weight by 5 simple steps.

Amjad, Tanvir, and Bappi are friends. They looked gloomy all the time.Why? As they are as thin as pencil .It seems to me that they don’t find their shadow when they walk in the sun. They thought that they were not perfect for any outfit. They are used as a cloth hanger for hanging clothes. Alas!

Few month ago a new Gym was established name “Beg Gym”.  All the young people mainly teenage were rushed to that Gym with a kit bag and water bottle. All run to the Gym for lose extra weight or building muscles.

image of gain weight
Gain weight and lead a healthy life.

One day I saw three friends were going with kit bags and water bottles. Was their mission accomplished?  We will know that later part of the article.

In the mean time let’s find some ways to gain wait for them: 

#1. Eat enough calories:

Normally, there are a fixed numbers of calories that one requires to eat each day to maintain one’s current weight.  This is calorie maintenance level. You certainly loss weight when you eat less calories than that level. On the other hand, guess what will happen when you take more calories than that level?

Monday, September 30, 2013

How to prevent high blood pressure by 8 easy ways.

Few days ago one of my students’ mother was feeling very unwell. All the day she was feeling so tired. As her mother was suffering by diabetic so she (St. Mother) was worried that she must catch by diabetic.Then she consulted with doctor, having some tests doctor said that she had no diabetic, only hypertension.

95% of people reported as high blood pressure cases in USA. 15% death also related to blood pressure in USA. Surprisingly there are no symptoms for blood pressure. Another surprise was that medical science failed to detect the real reason for high blood pressure.

image: high may cause death,contro now.
Control hypertension ,enjoy healthy life.

Some factors and conditions have a role to develop high blood pressure. Those are too much salt in diet, obesity, smoking, stress, alcohol consumption, older age, genetic, chronic kidney diseases, lack of physical activity etc.

As we find the factors that causes of high blood pressure so we need to work with them to prevent high blood pressure. Let’s find out what those works are:

#1. Avoid tobacco products and smoking:

After you smoke your blood pressure may increase by 10 mm Hg or more for up to an hour. Here nicotine is the culprit. If you smoke throughout the day it means your blood pressure may stay constantly high . You should avoid not only smoking but also secondhand smoke.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to stop smoking by 10 easy wasys.

Once one of my friends said that he felt well in toilet after smoking. Like my friend most of the people say that smoking aid them to relieve stress, anxiety etc. But statistics say different story.

In 2012, a 20 cigarettes packet costs around $ 14.50. That means if you smoke a pack daily you have to spend more than $5000 a year for only ash and smoke! Pretty high, isn’t it ? Only one single puff of cigarette containing tens of thousands of pollutants.

Smoking is called the mother of all drug addiction. Every drug addict  starts their journey to death by a single cigarette. May be you have no drug addiction. Don’t be relaxed as more than 443,000 people die every year in United States that is 1 in 5 deaths.

image of smoke gun that must kill you
One life, one chance :Stop smoking

So if you don’t decide to quit smoking now, smoking will quit you financially as well as physically forever.

Remove the smoking habit is not so easy as we say, but you have to believe that  nothing is impossible . Your stainless still like will could help you. If you decide to stop smoking. let’s find out some ways :

# 1. Electronic Cigarette

The method is like as mimics the act of smoking. Containing a nicotine cartridge inside, the device looks like a cigarette. When the user puffs on the device, an atomizer is triggered mixing with the nicotine with water vapor. This device can be used as either a smoking cessation or replacement device.

Friday, September 27, 2013

8 foods for brain to make more sharp & active.

May be you are a graphic designer, or an executive officer or a writer etc.  Most of the time you have to busy with your brain work. By designing, writing, or doing other paper work you keep your poor brain under tremendous pressure.

When you feel hungry you take food, but what you eat for your brain specially, which makes you a current you. To ensure a vibrant and sharp memory, you need to engage in daily activities that work out your brain, a regular and balanced diet rich with omega oils, minerals vitamins, and essential amino acids.

Let’s see what kind of food gives your brain the nutrition you need:

# 1. Nuts and Seeds

image of essential brain food
Give food and hone your brain.

Nuts and seeds are packed with essential fatty acids, nuts and seeds and amino acid. Amino acid stimulates your pituitary gland to release growth hormone, a material that declines after age 35. This is a great boon to your brain.

# 2. Fish

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to remove dandruff by 15 easy ways.

My close friend went to his first date wearing black outfit as he thought he looks well in black cloth. At the very romantic moment he noticed that his cloth got caught in a snowstorm. Then he returned quickly from the scene, though he wanted to stay with her for some time. Alas my friend.

Those culprit snowstorms are pesky white flakes I mean dandruff, a very common scalp disorder. My poor friend then received lot of advises. One said to use Pantene shampoo, one advised to use Head & Shoulder, another one said to use another brand and to change diet.

No more confusion just try these natural remedies to remove dandruff.

#1.  Olive oil treatment for dandruff:

A lukewarm olive oil applies to the problem scalp before going bed. Wash out in the morning with mild shampoo.

Image : Dandruff a common problem
Dandruff, a very common scalp disorder.

#2.  Lemon juice and coconut oil:

Blend 1 tea-spoon lemon juice with 5 tea- spoon coconut oil and leave this remedy on the scalp for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash with shampoo.

# 3. Vinegar to remove dandruff:

Vinegar is rich in potassium and enzymes which will help to cure itchy scalp and dandruff. One may message apple cider vinegar into the dandruff scalp for 5 to 7 minutes, which will help one to get rid of the dead skin cells.

 # 4. Baking soda to get rid of dandruff:

Add 1 spoon of soda to a handful of shampoo which can remove dandruff flakes even hiding in hair stands.