Friday, October 4, 2013

How to avoid harmful effect of mobile phone by 6 ways

One day my friend Masud informed me over phone that his father was in hospital. O positive blood is required urgently for his (father) operation.  I went there immediately to donate blood. Still now his father leads a sound life. Thanks to mobile phone.

During my MBA third semester I was suffering from some ailment. I was unable to attend the classes. One day one of my friends called over phone that the next day would be the last day of deposit semester fee. I rushed to the university to deposit fee. Thanks to mobile phone again.

image of mobile phone harmful effect on baby
Babies are the worst victim of harmful effects of cell phone.

Every day we all must be grateful to mobile phone as it saves our money, and most precious time. This useful devise has some hazards for not only human being but also the environment. Let’s find out what those are and their remedies.

# 1. Decrease man’s fertility

Researchers say high frequency magnetic radiation emits from mobile phone. There may have a connection to this frequency with brain cancer. Other tissues of human body also may fall in damage. Children are more vulnerable for this. Most appalling matter is that men’s productivity might have been affected. 

Reduce the risk: Try to use land phone more as possible as you can as well as try messaging rather make a call. Don’t let children use cell phone usually.

# 2. Decrease eye sight

Researchers of Britain opined too much use of mobile phone may damage eye sight badly. Myopia or shortsightedness may seem for that reason. While using smart phone users keep their phone away only 30 centimeters.  Some opined that the distance is only 18 centimeters. Normally our eyes are in 40 centimeters distances when we read newspaper, book, or other thing. Using by keeping phone so close to eyes may have adverse effect on DNA. Ultimate result is shortsightedness. It’s called ‘Epigenetics’ matter.

Reduce the risk:  Avoid using phone too much close to eyes.

# 3. Damage of bone-joint

If you messaging or typing for a long time you may have pain in finger joint. Its may turn into arthritis. Sitting pattern may also cause various problems.

Reduce the risk:  Avoid messaging or typing for a long time, this may help to get rid of the problem.

# 4. Fear to lose

Mental part of human body always beware for mobile phone for ‘is the phone in right place?’ A problem occurs from the panic of losing mobile phone. Researchers have named this ‘fear of losing phone and communication’ “Nomophobia”. That is ‘No mobile phone phobia.’ At present 53% of British and 29% of Indian youth have been sufferings from this problem.  Only 5 years ago this kind of diseases was out of imagine.

Reduce the risk:  Researchers have advised to decrease dependence on phone to get rid of this problem.

# 5. Cell Phones and Germs:

Your cell phone follows you everywhere even in toilet. But you never clean it.US researchers found cell phone has 10 times more germs than toilet sit.  Study found fecal matter on 1 in every 6 phone in Britain. Fecal matter can spread E-coli, which can cause urinary tract infection, diarrhea and even kidney failure, which could be deadly.

Reduce the risk: Washing your hands is one of the best solutions to stay healthy and minimize the germs .You should wipe out your phone once in a week.

# 6.Effect on Environment radiation 

Researchers also found that radiation from mobile phone tower may have harmful effect on the growth and productivity of nearby trees.

Reduce the risk: Mobile phone operators should set up their network tower in a place which comparatively safe for environment.

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