Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to gain weight by 5 simple steps.

Amjad, Tanvir, and Bappi are friends. They looked gloomy all the time.Why? As they are as thin as pencil .It seems to me that they don’t find their shadow when they walk in the sun. They thought that they were not perfect for any outfit. They are used as a cloth hanger for hanging clothes. Alas!

Few month ago a new Gym was established name “Beg Gym”.  All the young people mainly teenage were rushed to that Gym with a kit bag and water bottle. All run to the Gym for lose extra weight or building muscles.

image of gain weight
Gain weight and lead a healthy life.

One day I saw three friends were going with kit bags and water bottles. Was their mission accomplished?  We will know that later part of the article.

In the mean time let’s find some ways to gain wait for them: 

#1. Eat enough calories:

Normally, there are a fixed numbers of calories that one requires to eat each day to maintain one’s current weight.  This is calorie maintenance level. You certainly loss weight when you eat less calories than that level. On the other hand, guess what will happen when you take more calories than that level?

The difference you create is called caloric surplus and you will gain weight.

So, if you want to gain weight, you just have to eat more calories than you are presently taking. This is frankly the one true requirement of a weight gain diet.

Now the question comes. How much calories should you eat per day?
To get the answer you have to figure out what your calorie maintenance level is and then eat more than that level each day.

To do that you may use calorie counting calculator. You may find lot of free calorie calculator site on web. You may go www.nutritiondata.com and use their free calculator.

Whatever the calorie level estimated for you, you should add 300-500 calorie more than that and start eating that many calories each day from now.

You should start gaining between 0.5 -1 pound per week, if your calorie intake is accurate.

#2. Increase the caloric value of your meal:

You may add powdered milk to casseroles, avocados and olives to sandwiches, wheat grem to your cereal, and chopped meat to your pasta sauce and so on to increase your caloric value of your meal.
#3. Avoid skipping meals

Consisting eating is must to gain weight. Your extra taking calories convert as your weight. So if you skip your meal how it’s possible to gain weight? Eat at least three meals a day and at least two snacks.

#4.Get the rest of your diet right

Eat enough protein that is 0.8- 1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Common high protein foods include chicken, fish, turkey, meat, eggs.

Eat enough fat that is about 25-30 % of your calorie intake . Fish, olive oil, nuts are the healthy source of fatty acid. 

# 5. Hit the Gym

Now as you have an eating plan, it’s time to maximize your training. Building muscle requires:

     Consistency-consistency plays an important role in making quality gains.

     Progressive overload –you must get a lot stronger than you are at present.

     Good Tools – It’s true that the better your tools of exercises, the better your gain.

     Patience – gains may take years. You should be dedicating yourself to the plan.

Back to the three friends. After one month one of them stopped to attend to the Gym. Another one left the battle field after two months. Only Amjad was struggling without any visible result.

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