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29 Easy ways to stop hair fall.

Now a day’s hair fall is very common health problem. There are several reasons behind this problem. Mainly age , mineral deficiency , medication ,stress. Genetics, illness pregnancy, menopause and other factors are behind this. To solve this problem you may use drug Regaine, you may go for fair transplant or fusion. But these are not cheap as well as easiest than to try naturally.

# 1 .Use saw palmetto . DHT (metabolite of testosterone) production causes hair loss. Saw palmetto blocks  produce of DHT.

# 2.  Take some extra milligram of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E. Vitamin A  promotes healthy production of serum, vitamin E stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, vitamin B helps to produce melanin.

29 easy way to stop hair fall
Hair fall: A very common problem

# 3. Using a few drops of lavender, bay essential oil or sesame oil , message your scalp for a couple of minute.

# 4. Message warm oil into your scalp.

# 5. Use garlic juice or onion juice or ginger juice on your scalp overnight and wash out in the morning.

# 6. Use rangoli henna to rub hair. Henna seals the cuticle which strengthens hair shaft and root.

# 7. Use green tea into your hair. It has anti-oxidants which prevent hair loss and help hair growth.

# 8 .Lean meats, egg whites, fish ,soy and other proteins may aid to prevent hair fall.

# 9. Don’t brush wet hair and avoid rubbing your hair dry.

#10. Instead of blow dry try air dry of hair.

# 11.  Reduce stress  is the cause for hair loss.

#12 . Try meditation which can help to reduce stress and restore hormonal balance.

# 13. Walk, swim or bike 30 to 60 minutes a day.

# 14.  Avoid wigs or hairpieces which damage your hair follicles.

# 15.  Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine which will hamper immune system and further hair fall.

#16. Stop taking carbonated sodas which will weaken immune system and make hair weak.

# 17 . Avoid wearing helmet and caps for a long time.

# 18. Don’t color hair more often than 6 to 8 weeks and try semi-coverage and not full dying. 

#19 Avoid layering cuts that cause a lot of hair fall.

#20. Wash your hair with mild shampoo.

# 21.  Try to get adequate sleep.

# 22. Take Iron. Supply of iron is liver, beef, pork, leafy green, fortified cereal, beans, and pumpkin seeds.

# 23. Take Vitamin c which helps to absorb iron. Citrus fruit, green leafy, vegetables, salad, baked potatoes; tomatoes are great sources of Vitamin c.

# 24. Omega-3 fatty acids keep hair healthy and preventing hair becoming dry and brittle. Tuna, salmon, mackerel, flaxseed, and walnuts are main source of Omega-3 and fatty acid.

# 25 . Take Zinc which is important for hair nourishment. Oysters, lean beef, peanut butter, turkey, and pumpkin seeds are good source of Zinc.

# 26 .Avoid very low-calorie liquid diets.

#27 Use aloe Vera rather aloe Vera mixed shampoo.

#28. Use yucca though it is not beneficial to use yucca for the long run.

# 29. Drink 3 liters of water daily to flushes out harmful bacteria and toxins .

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