Saturday, September 21, 2013

How to lose weight in 41 easy ways

Few days ago one my friends said that he thought I was losing weight. I amazed .As I met with that friend on the way that was little bit dark. He supposed to not observe me clearly. After some days another one commented same and asked what that easy ways to lose weight? Then I checked my weight and found that I lost 13 pounds (6 kilogram).

Chose the right way to reach your destination of losing weight.  

I did not try fad diet, bogus diet pills, any magic bullets or serious exercise. Last three month I just followed couple of easy ways to lose weight.

Curious to know what were those easy ways to lose weight, keep reading…

Though size zero is the present trends in Bollywood, over weight prevails as a serious health problem as it was. Heart diseases, cancer and type 2 diabetes go hand to hand with overweight.

If you think three month is a long way to go than you may think different to lose weight. If you burn 500 calories more than you eat every day, you should lose about 1-2 pound in a week. I accumulate 41 easy ways to lose weight. Those are as follows:

1.   Cut out the sugar. If you want result fast you have to do it first.
2.      Eat more fiber. Body needs lot of fiber.
3.       Drink a glass of water before you eat. Water occupies some space in your stomach as well as decrease the appetite.
4.       Eat 5-6 meals a day rather take 3 meals. When you eat frequently that habit will increase your metabolism which helps to lose weight.
5.       Limit salt and starches.
6.       Focus on fruits, vegetables, egg white, soya product, skinless poultry breasts, fish, shellfish, low  fat dairy food, and lean meat.
7.       Don’t skip meals. That has the opposite effect of what is your goal of losing weight.
8.       Avoid junk food.
9.       Try healthy snacks like nuts, rice cake, fresh or dried fruits, baby carrots, cherry, tomatoes etc.
10.   Drink low calories 100% fruit juice, or water instead of soft drink, energy drink, and flavored coffee.
11.   You can replace meat with beans, tofu or lentils.
12.   Take chores exercise opportunities like gardening, car washing, and get things done around the house.
13.   Chose work out that requires entire body’s move.
14.   Try aerobic activities like brisk walking, cycling, and swimming. Swimming is a great exercise to lose weight.
 15. Start a hobby like play with animals, working on cars, building small projects, gardening.
16.   Use olive oil to cook instead of other unhealthy oil.
17.   Eat wisely. As we the man are driven by intelligent and beast driven by instinct. Don’t eat when you feel like eating it.
18.   Check your sweet tooth. Normally sweets mean more calories.
19.   Go easy on black tea or coffee. These are harmless for your body unless you add the cream, sugar or milk. Tea is better I think. The caffeine in the coffee in not good at all for body since it is an alkaloid as well as can affect body function like metabolism.
20.   Stay away from fried things. The more you avoid fried food, the less you gain weight. As oil or fat is used to fry.
21.   Check chocolates, sweets and other confectionary items which mean more calories.
22.   Eat when you fell hungry not the time of seeing food.
23.   Avoid canned food.
24.   Say ‘NO’ to alcoholic beverages. Beer has the fattening element .Though other alcohol has may have not 
25.   Eat white meat rather than red. White meat includes fish, and fowl and red meat includes beef, pork etc.
26.   Try high multigrain bread than white bread. This could be a source of fiber  and protein
27.   Avoid salt. Too much salt causes of obesity.
28.   Try table butter than cholesterol free butter. Some small chance may change lot toward weight loss.
29.   Try baking things instead of frying. As it is healthier as well as require lesser fat or oil.
30.   Eat boiled vegetables instead of cooked. If you don’t like to eat vegetables, try steaming without adding oil or any other thing. This is the best way to eat cabbage cauliflower any other vegetables.
31.   Choose dry wine instead of sweet wine.
32.   Stand up in a sitting job and stretch yourself. Today most of the jobs are sitting job. So if you have such a job, then after every half an hour makes a point to get up and stretch yourself.
33.   Use stair than elevator or escalator. These machines make us fast as well as lazy and idiot who stands without doing anything.
34.   Say ‘NO’ to smoking. It may not contribute to weight loss but leads to erratic eating habit and excessive dependence on Tea or Coffee.
35.   Avoid remote control. Remote control and other small gadgets make us lazy.
36.   Try breathing exercise. When you do that you can exert a lot of pressure on muscles and mind. So let’s do it.
37.   Try Yoga. One of the best ways of losing weight .Having yoga you can learn to control virtually every muscle and joint of body.
38.   Try playing basketball or table tennis. You know games are a funny way to lose weight.
39.   When you fell you consumed more calorie than you should have consumed during the week. Burn those extra calories at the weekend.
40.   Chose a variety of food from all food groups.
41.You should exercise outdoor as possible as you can.

These easy ways will lose wait  fast, if you are serious. You must not wait for three months.
(Now back to question of what easy way to lose weight I followed last three month. Last three months I used to not take usual dinner rather if I felt very hungry I would eat vegetables or fruits. At the same time I took more than 150 puss-up and pull-back in total in three times a day that were morning, afternoon and night)

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