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How to stop smoking by 10 easy wasys.

Once one of my friends said that he felt well in toilet after smoking. Like my friend most of the people say that smoking aid them to relieve stress, anxiety etc. But statistics say different story.

In 2012, a 20 cigarettes packet costs around $ 14.50. That means if you smoke a pack daily you have to spend more than $5000 a year for only ash and smoke! Pretty high, isn’t it ? Only one single puff of cigarette containing tens of thousands of pollutants.

Smoking is called the mother of all drug addiction. Every drug addict  starts their journey to death by a single cigarette. May be you have no drug addiction. Don’t be relaxed as more than 443,000 people die every year in United States that is 1 in 5 deaths.

image of smoke gun that must kill you
One life, one chance :Stop smoking

So if you don’t decide to quit smoking now, smoking will quit you financially as well as physically forever.

Remove the smoking habit is not so easy as we say, but you have to believe that  nothing is impossible . Your stainless still like will could help you. If you decide to stop smoking. let’s find out some ways :

# 1. Electronic Cigarette

The method is like as mimics the act of smoking. Containing a nicotine cartridge inside, the device looks like a cigarette. When the user puffs on the device, an atomizer is triggered mixing with the nicotine with water vapor. This device can be used as either a smoking cessation or replacement device.

# 2. Nicotine Gum

When craving to smoke hits you, chew a piece of nicotine gum.  Until the experience ‘peppery’ tastes chew it. Do not exceed 20 piece of gum per day. Mouth sores, racing heat beat, hiccups and nausea are its side effects.

# 3.Nicotine Lozenges

This method is like to nicotine gum. When the urge to smoke strikes, this 12 week treatment delivers nicotine via sucking on a small lozenge. You should not cross most 20 lozenges limit. Headache and sleeping difficulty, nausea, and heartburn are the side effect of this method.

# 4.Nicotine Inhalers

This mimic act of smoking can help you to fulfill the physical habit of smoking. Without added chemicals it gives the body the nicotine it craves.  6-to 16 nicotine cartridges may be used per day. Coughing, nausea, and throat irritation are the side effects.

# 5.Zyban 

An anti-depressant prescription medication got to be effective in quitting smoking. Contains no nicotine, it reduces the symptoms of withdrawal. Arduous smoker are sometimes encouraged to use Zyban. Conjunction with other cessation treatment, it has higher chances to success. Not recommended for those who suffered of bio-polar disorders.

# 6. Champix

This newer medication blocks the nicotine receptors in brain. By taking one .5 mg pill day, this 12 –week treatment starts. Then the dosages steadily increased over the first week until reached 2-mg per day. Headaches, nausea, sleep trouble and depression are the side effects.

# 7.Laser Therapy

This method is not approved by FDA. The hypothesis behind this method is that laser releases endorphins like those experienced when a smoker puff a cigarette. This method balances the body’s energies and make comfortable to quit smoking. No specific side effects for the method.

# 8. Acupuncture

Under this method needles are placed in specific areas of the ear.This method has not been proven as it work.But some believe it may lessen the want to smoke. This method doesn’t prescribe any drug or nicotine.  So it is safer than other method.

# 9.The Patch 

Under this method nicotine is delivered through an adhesive worn on the skin. Normally a smoker starts with high dosage for the four-week and the lower dosages for following four- week. Vivid dreams, dizziness, headache, racing heat beat and vivid dreams are the side effects.

# 10. Cold Turkey 

Probably the hardest method to use. This is a slang term which means involving your will power and distraction to cut the smoking habit. This method focus on replace smoking with healthier habit like drinking a glass of water, going for a walk or starting  a new hobby that keeps your hand busy. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms of edginess, depression and headache are the side effect of this method.

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